HAZMAT SPECIALIST, INC. helps assure compliance with the IATA and ICAO Regulations for the air transport of dangerous goods. All IATA and/or U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations will be followed exactly, wherever dangerous goods are involved, and will always take precedence over any other customer specified shipping requests. We take very seriously our obligations and legal responsibilities to make certain that all applicable regulations are followed. Please do not ask us to deviate.
All UN numbers will be clearly marked and other associated regulations followed exactly. Appropriate MSDS information accompanies all shipments containing dangerous and potentially dangerous items whether required by law or not. We're located 10 minutes from the Port of Miami and 5 minutes from Miami International Airport. We offer Mobile Services to customers in the Miami area. We'll come to your location and handle your documentation, packing and labeling needs.
We also specialize in assisting Overseas Repair Shops with all aspects of component repair materials, shipping, receiving and handling