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17 December 2021

The SMICE website is now closed. Please refer to www.ftnx.net  from 2022 for all matters of business and education. FTN Exporting.com website is reserved for TRIBE Rules of Association. Our best selling  formal publication as offered directly from our publishers   “International Trade  and the Successful Intermediary”  (ITSI) remains relevant to this day and will direct proceedings as the base mainstream doctrine of trade  for all ill informed intermediaries worldwide,  for decades to come.  Our in house beta informal publication which breaks down ITSI to its step by step application  can be purchased from  the FTNX site. 

FTN Exporting  wish to convey a ‘thank you’ to all those traders supporting us and hope the new year brings prosperity to those traders  who have ‘lasted the distance.’ It’s going to be a a pinnacle trading year in 2022  like not other especially for countries like  the U.K  and USA as new markets  sought from these two countries will generate a lot a work for the informed PCT.  As import /export  prices climb due to inflation, securing the right product for the right price will be a crucial aspect of trading in 2022. In 2022 FTNX will be concentrating on its investment project and will spend a reduced amount of time participating in very large revolving commodity transactions only.  


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