Giving a Napa Valley Sampler from Christie's Basket Express is a fantastic way of treating someone special to a delicious array of gourmet products from the Napa Valley. As shown above, the following listed 8 gourmet Napa Valley Sampler products are presented in a 15 x 10 x 3 inch seared wood box from Napa Valley Wooden Box Company, which as shown below is then securely shrink-wrapped and finished nicely with a hand-tied ribbon & *personalized gift card.

Napa Valley Products Blueberry Cabernet Jam is a traditional handmade jam which combines Napa Valley Blueberries and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wine for a delectable flavor combination. It is delicious on English muffins, toast, pancakes and more. Net Wt. 4 oz.

Napa Valley Heirloom Tomato Co. Pasta Sauce is the 1st salsa made using 100% HEIRLOOM tomatoes. It's a certified organic pasta sauce that is a perfect combination of Heirloom tomatoes with herbs. It's a fantastic fresh pasta sauce. Net Wt. 24 oz.

Brent's renowned Chocolate Cabernet Wine Sauce is a thick, rich, decadent dessert sauce that was expertly created in the Napa Valley by his blending of fine Cabernet wine with the very best chocolate. Exceptional over vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Alcohol 4. 8% by vol.  Net Wt. 5 fl. oz.

Napa Valley Products Orange Blossom Honey is pure, raw, unfiltered, undiluted, never processed or pasteurized honey. It has a rich golden color, texture and a thick sweet taste. Net wt. 4 oz.

Wine Country Kitchens cold-pressed California  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% cholesterol free. Great with French bread or drizzled over freshly steamed vegetables. Use this versatile and flavorful olive oil by itself or as an exceptional vinegairette when combined with Wine Country Kitchens Barrel-Aged Balsamic vinegar. Net wt. 8.5 fl. oz.

Wine Country Kitchens Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy is aged in wood casks to intensify the sweet yet subtle characters that make it the most famous vinegar in the culinary world. Whisk in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a dash of Dijon mustard for an aromatic vinaigrette. Net wt. 8.45 fl. oz.

Napa Valley Hot Sweet Mustard is spicy and rich with honey, which makes for a distinctive flavor combination. It has captured a huge loyal following of consumers with discriminating tastes. Net wt. 9.25 oz.

Napa Cookie Company Wine Snaps are surprisingly sweet and spicy shortbread biscuits that are delightful alone or as the perfect complement to wine and cheese. The zingy highlights of black pepper pair perfectly with any wine and your favorite Brie. Net wt. 4 oz.

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