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Personal "brain-storming" session, not necessarily in order at the moment.......

[NOTE: The "site" is coming soon, not the brain storming. It's here ▼.]

This page is subject to change at any moment.
Last updated: 2022-12-29 (11:09pm CST).
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● Site will be primarily for home-based businesses (front porch pickup, mailed, delivered, etc.).
● Site will also be open to brick and mortar businesses.
   --- I foresee a "Shop the Square" section for businesses immediately around the old courthouse,
        who want to participate of course. (May even offer special deals just to support the area (?)).

● This will be primarily "product" based businesses (something you make and/or sell).

● Listing of "services" will be limited to situations like "lawn care", "house cleaning", "dog
   grooming", etc. (I'm sure I'm leaving out a bunch). Each case may be required to provide history
   of experience and/or a list of equipment. In other words, you can't go to Wal-Mart, buy a $50
   camera, and call yourself a "photographer" (though we all, obviously, have to start somewhere).

● Speaking of "services", there are some I want to - and most likely will - avoid entirely. Anything
   automobile related for instance. I have personal stories of let's say "shady people" that I've
   experienced and wont get into here. One case that "would have been" criminal had I actually
   gone along with his plan and one that "should have been" criminal.

● I foresee the primary page for this site (this page) eventually looking similar to Craigslist, listing
   business categories from A to Z. [Though Craigslist doesn't actually have a section for that.]

● Proof of Murfreesboro residency will be required. Why, you may ask? I've seen enough
   "Murfreesboro / Rutherford County" Facebook sales groups who allow posts from, literally, all
   over (Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Tacoma (WA), etc.) and it's frustrating, to say the least.
   So, ONLY Murfreesboro residents. It's an integrity thing. (Or perhaps you own a brick and
   mortar business here but live elsewhere. That will work, too.)


● Your basic page would consist of your basic information, such as:
    --- Your name and/or business.
    --- Your location/address.
    --- Your contact information (phone, e-mail, etc.).
    --- Any social media links (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
    --- A photo or two.
    --- A short (or long?) 'blurb' about your business or whatever you want to share with the public.
    --- In the early development stages, this will be the first thing I'd like to nail down/establish.
         A common list of items and an order that most everyone could use. And easily repeatable.
    --- Probably a thing or two I haven't thought of/considered yet. Hey, I'm open to options.
● Your basic page would have it's own unique web address. for instance


   Before I get into fees, I'll be looking for some FB friends (from my photography account) to
   show some interest in receiving a free page for the first year by helping me develop some
   pages for them. I'm thinking the first 10 that show interest, and pass all the thresholds
   (Murfreesboro resident, etc.), would be great. Free page for the first year and listed at the main
   page under your particular business.

● Anyone wanting to be listed at the site will, of course, be charged a minimal fee (with the above
   exceptions). In most cases, a very minimal fee. I'm thinking for a basic page, a $10 fee for the
   first group of folks who help me grow the site, good for one year and locked in for future years.
   Beyond that stage of site development, I will be raising the annual rates for future clients ($20?).

● Additional annual fees may be applied if you'd like to list your own web site, et cetera.

● Anyone wanting something beyond the 'basic page', whatever that looks like, there will slightly
   higher annual fees and perhaps some development costs.

   (Previous web design work: )

● A thirty day free trial will be available to all eligible persons.

● I reserve the right to deny service to anyone (see the auto thing above).


    This has been my initial "brain storming" session of a site I've been considering for some time
    now. It's no where near completion but, hopefully, I've got the general idea across.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to e-mail or message me if you have any questions.


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