Amanda Lisa Watson, RegCOSRT

Psychosexual and Relationship Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Client Testimonials

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Amanda. She is an excellent listener and has a seemingly inexhaustible reserve of probing, challenging and open-ended questions, all of which helped me to better understand my presenting issues and challenge the way I think and feel. Amanda showed patience, compassion and understanding throughout. The therapy allowed me to make extensive progress in moving forward to make changes and improve my life. I highly recommend Amanda and have since referred her to other people I know that are seeking therapy.”

Russell, 2021 

“I was always a bit sceptical about going to therapy and was reluctant in the beginning when my partner suggested it. We were having difficulties around sex and intimacy and I thought it was totally my fault. We both agree that it was the best thing we ever did and that is thanks to the support and challenges we worked through in the room and the excellent relationship with you where you didn’t take sides or keep secrets but allowed us both to be equally heard and understand the part we both played in the negative aspects of our relationship. We now feel we have the courage and tools to take the work we did with you forward to ensure better communication and less conflict.” 

David and Antonio, 2022 

“It was so good to find an open minded and non-judgemental therapist who could help us navigate wanting to explore an open and polyamorous relationship. Amanda demonstrated being a therapist who had life experience as well as traditional qualifications and this really worked for us. I would highly recommend Amanda and we are now on the right track in having a deeper self-knowledge and self-awareness of ourselves as individuals and within the relationship to avoid shame, blame and guilt which was highly destructive within the dynamics of our relationship and beyond.”

Vishram and Saraya, 2023 

“Therapy gave my daughter and I the opportunity to explore the dysfunctional relationship between us for many years. There was so much hidden resentment and things left unsaid which had been damaging. Amanda provided a space where we both had the opportunity to talk and be listened to without interruption even if conflict and hostility remained for a while. Amanda steered us in the direction of how we could repair some of the long-term issues that we had. Our mother-daughter relationship has taken a turn for the better and we are still working on improving this further.”

Margaret and Fiona, 2023 

“This was my first time ever having therapy and Amanda provided a safe and warm environment which enabled me to be authentic and honest about what was going on for me. We were able to explore various perspectives and look at how my past was affecting my present. The therapy has given me the strength to face my fears and feel empowered to embrace the future with confidence. I would definitely return to Amanda again if the need arises. Thank you so much for your time and patience with me. I have started to feel a much happier individual and no longer worrying about the opinions of other people. I still face difficulties but they don’t seem so daunting now that I have explored the reasons behind why I feel the way I do. I am really grateful that I was brave enough to seek therapy and that I found such a brilliant therapist to support me on my journey.”

Juanita, 2022

“I felt immediately comfortable and at ease with Amanda from session 1 and I was able to open up my concerns and worries to her. Amanda gave me the tools and strategies to work through my issues and change my attitude in approaching them which resulted in feeling more positive. I was really appreciative of all the resources she sent me to read, listen to and watch to support the therapeutic work in between sessions.”

Cassius, 2021 

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