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Metro Business Solutions was recently acquired by The dTech Group/DTECH Computerists, Inc, a family owned business serving Oklahomans for more than 40 years. The sale means clients now have access to more products and services, including wide-format printer repair, software development, network implementation for cabling and wireless, network management, and network troubleshooting .

 To learn more about dTech, or to speak with a technical representative, please visit or call 918.622.6966. If you have questions about the sale of Metro, please contact Harv at (918) 585-9988 or

 918-622-6966 or 1-800-743-7448 FOR:

OKI/Okidata Printers

The name behind the technology

As a leading manufacturer of printing technologies, OKI Data offers a wide-spectrum and
robust portfolio of creative and innovative solutions to meet your corporate office or multi-location printing needs. Whether you require color or monochrome single function or multifunction printers, or a diverse selection of dot matrix printers, we deliver high-performing, cost-effective and award-winning printing solutions for today’s ever-changing business world.


OKI Printing Solutions with OKIDATA Printers has been committed to advancing Impact printing technology for over 30 years. The phrase "Tank-Tough" was coined to describe Okidata dot matrix printers.

In North America today, Okidata is Number One in sales of  Impact (dot matrix) printing.

Part of our heritage is to keep moving technology forward, as we did when we pioneered our "smart" printhead, a groundbreaking innovation that "reads and learns" the thickness of the paper media on which it’s printing—and adjusts for it!

What makes OKIDATA printing different from other printer companies?

OKI Printing Solutions is a fully integrated printer developer and manufacturer. We own, control and ship our own print engines. And we develop our Okidata printer drivers, as well as enhanced versions of industry-standard drivers, to maximize the performance of our Okidata MICROLINE and Okidata PACEMARK products.

Trust OKI Printing Solutions for proven customer satisfaction

Field-proven reliability is just one reason Impact printers from OKI Printing Solutions are the most widely used in North America.1 We are also an innovator in customer support, pioneering still-unsurpassed 24-hour/7-day live technical support2 and other cutting-edge programs designed to ensure full customer satisfaction.

From product concept to customer support, all Impact printers from OKI Printing Solutions deliver on our proven commitment to innovative thinking and productivity-enhancing performance.

World-Leading OKI DATA Technologies - About LED
What is LED?

LED, or light-emitting diode, is a type of semiconductor element that gives off light.

LEDs are currently used in a wide variety of applications, from large-sized displays and traffic signals to seasonal decorative lighting, car headlights, and interior and exterior lighting. OKI DATA has been the constant frontrunner in LED technology development, based on its long track record in developing world-first LED print heads for printers.

The Difference between LED and Laser

LED printers are characterized by offering high-speed, high image quality printing in a simple structure not possible with laser printers.

Laser printers have a single laser beam as a light source that is divided by mirrors to send light to the image drum, so the internal structure is complex and the actual printer body is often large as well. Compared to this, LED printers send light directly to the image drum, so they can be designed without mirrors and a shorter distance to the image drum, which reduces the size of the printer body. In addition, the inside structure is simple, so maintenance is also simple.

Summary of LED Print head
Printhead Summary
Electrophotographic technology-based printers are widely used as a printer or copier in the office, for example, because they can deliver high-quality prints at high speed and excel in printing productivity. One of electrophotographic methods uses an LED printhead as a light source for writing by the electrophotographic printer. In 1979, we successfully brought into practical applications an electrophotographic printer adopting LED for its light source, in collaboration with NTT. Since then, OKI Data has been engaged in technical development designing, manufacturing, and selling of LED printheads in pursuit of bringing world-leading printers into practical applications. In 2006, we developed a device (epitaxial thin film LED array), which unites LED and LED Driver IC using the epitaxial thin film bonding technology, and made a product out of this new LED printhead. This helped make the head structure much simpler and realize the more compact yet more reliable printhead than ever. OKI Data constantly pursues creation to deliver products based on our original technology that can satisfy our customers.

 The new standard in forms printing

In today’s demanding business climate, reliability and productivity count. This is true even when you’re choosing the right printing solution for your point-of-sale or forms printing needs.

OKI Printing Solutions offers a lineup of fast, feature-rich Impact printers. From a compact countertop model that doubles as a POS transaction printer and forms printer to a rock-solid, high-volume, high-speed forms printer with a 300 lines-per-minute print speed. In between, a broad range of 9-pin and 24-pin models—narrow and wide-carriage configurations —with the features you’re looking for to keep your productivity humming.

Whatever the application, OKI Printing Solutions has an Impact printer designed for you.

An Impact printer for every working environment

Wherever there’s an application calling for multi-part forms, lightning-fast throughput and clear, precise output, there’s a rugged, reliable Impact Printer from OKI Printing Solutions to fill it.

Look for them at the point of sale or service, in the back office or industrial work stations, or right in the middle of the finance department floor.

They just keep running and running...

Call our Oki sales department the next time you need to investigate an OKI printer solution.


 If you have an Okidata B4200 or Okidata B4300 LED printer with no power or RAM error showing on display call us. Okidata has extended the warranty on these printers for this problem. We can get it repaired for you at no charge, except for shipping, if needed.

If you have an Okidata PACEMARK 4410 with poor print or missing dots call us for a repair price.

If you have an Okidata ML320, OKI ML321, OKIDATA ML321T, or OKI ML320T with paper feed issues, we can help you and get it repaired and back in service.



For OKI/OKIDATA printer, copier, or FAX repairs, sales, rentals, or service, we strive to provide the best possible business solutions in Tulsa, Oklahoma AND UP TO A 200 MILES RADIUS OF TULSA, for your printer, fax and copier needs through printer and copier sales, printer and copier service, and printer and copier supplies.

At Metro Business Solutions, we are experts in color LED/laser printers.

We are an OKI / Okidata for sales, certified OKI repair, and Okidata warranty service center - service station in Tulsa, OK for:

Service - Okidata LED/LASER Printers,
Service - Okidata Mono Printers and MFPs
Service - Okidata Color Printers and MFPs
Service - Okidata Dot Matrix (SIDM) Printers


DTECH Computerists, Inc.
dba Metro Business Solutions, I

are Oklahoma owned and operated businesses and have been in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1974 repairing your printer, copier, FAX, projector, and typewriter problems.





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xerox printer sales and repair

xerox printer sales and repair



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